The Effects of a Genital Vibratory Stimulation Device on Sexual Function and Genital Sensation (Yale University Study)

Recently Yale University released a study on the female orgasm,  We're proud to announce the Eroscillator came away with stunning results!

The study was reported in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery • Volume 23, Number 4, July/August 2017.  It's conclusion states " 

"Genital vibratory stimulation device use resulted in uniform improvements in sexual function, satisfaction, sexually related distress
and genital sensation".  

Also stated in the report:

"The Eroscillator (Advance Research Corporation, New York,
NY) was specially designed to introduce a consistent, reliable, lowrisk
GVSD that delivers direct stimulation to the clitoris, mons
pubis, and vagina (Fig. 1). The selected device has a pressureadaptive,
driven, harmonic oscillator, multiple attachments, and
3 power settings, making it accommodating to varying physiological
needs. It also has a low adverse effect profile because of its
step-down converter, which reduces the electrical current from
the socket onto the machine to a safe voltage. Given its ability
to provide enhanced stimulation to the genital organs, we hypothesized
that this GVSD could improve female arousal and orgasmic
disorders, as well as enhance genital sensation in women
with FSD. The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness
of a novel GVSD on improving sexual function, sexual satisfaction,
sexually related distress, and genital sensation in women
with arousal and orgasmic sexual dysfunctions.".




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