Dr. Ruth's Tips

Dr. Ruth's Tips

After you are familiar with the many different sensations that the Eroscillator ? can give you, bring your partner in on it. Most partners love to use the Eroscillator ? on their loved one when they see the great pleasure that it brings.

A woman who knows how to pleasure herself can teach the art to a lover.

You need to create the physical and psychological mood that makes you feel secure and psychologically turned on before you begin to use the Eroscillator ?.

You can create a more sensual mood by :

  • first taking a bubble bath
  • lying down on dark satin sheets
  • using lowered lighting or low wattage red bulbs or candlelight
  • sipping a glass of wine or nibbling on a delicious piece of chocolate
  • listening to your favorite music in the background, and,
  • above all, fantasize, and fantasize!

As you practice with your Eroscillator ?, build up in your mind a repertoire of erotic images or short vignettes of erotic fantasies and keep your mind focused on these fantasies.
Let yourself go!

Question to Dr Ruth Westheimer: Sex Toys for Men ?

Q. You recommend the Eroscillator ?, the vibrating "sex toy", for women, but do you have any suggestions for men?

A. Men can enjoy the Eroscillator ? too. They can try running the vibrating sex toy around the penis and testicles, in between the testicles and the anus, and around the anus itself. The pleasurable sensations can heighten arousal -- and for some men, help them reach an orgasm.

More tips are contained in the booklet included with the Eroscillator ?.

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