The Eroscillator has been clinically proven to provide longer lasting and more numerous orgasms for women.

It's a technological breakthrough in orgasmic response. The Eroscillator’s attachments are directly connected to its unique axially oscillating engine. Many other vibrator attachments are connected directly to the body. The difference for you?  A gentle, "oscillating" motion that provides potent stimulation with no numbing.

In addition, the Eroscillator:

  • Choose from 3 levels of intensity to fulfill your needs. 3600 steady oscillations per minute.
  • The Erosicllator is known for its sturdiness, ergonomic design and top quality components.
  • The device (not power cord) is waterproof and completely washable. 
  • Almost noiseless when in use
  • Although designed for female genitalia, The Eroscillator can provide pleasure and stimulation to male genitalia as well.